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    ACCA F2 Tips & FAQs - Kaplan



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    ACCA F2 Tips & FAQs - Kaplan

    Bài gửi by minhlong on Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:41 am

    ACCA F2 Tips & FAQs - Kaplan

    Đăng ngày: 10/12/2011 12:28

    ACCA F2 Tips & FAQs - Kaplan

    F2 Management Accounting (MA)

    Answer all the questions

    This is a multiple choice exam with no negative marking, therefore answer all the questions. If you don’t know the answer, make an informed guess!

    It is very important that you attempt mock exams and past papers so you’re aware of the style of question set for this exam.


    Q. Is the exam time pressured?

    A. Not if you know your stuff. The two hours is more than sufficient to complete the exam. There will however be some numerical multi-choice questions that you may find time consuming but these will be balanced out by much simpler multi-choice questions which will only take a few seconds.

    Q. I hate Linear Programming, if I can’t do it will I fail?

    A. No, you won’t. Linear Programming is a tricky subject at first (one which you will see again in F5). The good news is, as the exam aims to test all of the syllabus you should only see a few questions on it.

    Q. There is a lot of complex mathematics in this course and I don’t like maths! What can I do?

    A. Unfortunately there is some maths in this course. The good news is that the Kaplan course materials are logically set out and take you through each learning objective at a reasonable pace. A lot of the knowledge gained for this class will also be used in F5 so it is worthwhile really getting to grips with the maths at this stage. All difficult formulas are given in the exam. In the exam you will not be asked to prepare complex linear regression analysis graphically. You will, however, be asked to interpret linear regression charts.

    Q. There seems to be a lot of theory in this course and very little relevance to real life. Is that true?

    A. Limiting factors are of relevance to any business; sales, cash and skilled labour can all be limiting factors and a business must use these as resources as effectively as possible. Relevant costing is used by management accountant on a day-to-day basis. If you try to remember the real life applications of these methods then the paper really will come to life!

    Q. How should I approach the exam?

    A. Follow what we call a two wave approach. Work through all the questions initially answering all the ‘easier’ questions first, then work through the remainder. If you get stuck with a question, do not spend too much time on it, leave it to the end but remember to go back to it. Make sure you answer all questions. If in doubt, use process of elimination, and if you are still struggling, guess!

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