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    CIMA Fee list 2011 - 12



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    CIMA Fee list 2011 - 12

    Bài gửi by tamcfa on Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:08 am

    CIMA Fee list 2011 - 12

    CIMA is committed to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards of members and students, and to maintaining public confidence in management accountancy.

    CIMA is proud to be the first professional accounting body to offer a truly global product in the fast-moving area of Islamic finance.

    Registered students (from 1 January 2011)
    Registration GBP63
    Re-registration GBP63
    Student first year subscription Free
    Annual subscription GBP94

    Exemption fees
    CIMA certificate in businessaccounting GBP45 per subject
    Operational and management levels GBP75 per subject
    Strategic level GBP81 per subject

    Exam fees
    CIMA certificate in business accounting GBP45 per subject assessment. Please note that CBA centres may charge administration fees in addition to the standard fee.
    Operational and management levels GBP75
    Strategic level GBP81
    T4 GBP101
    T4 on PC GBP145
    Additional late entry fee GBP193
    Very late entry fee GBP387
    Change of exam paper/centre GBP31
    Late change of exam paper/centre GBP62
    Exam non payment admin fees GBP62
    Script review GBP147
    Duplicate certificate GBP20

    Subscription fees (test of professional competence in management accounting)
    Students who have not completed T4 part B*

    *NB: fee of £210 only applies once a student has passed T4 part B (CIMA case study) GBP94
    Students who have completed T4 part B GBP210

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