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    CFA Requirements



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    CFA Requirements

    Bài gửi by tamcfa on Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:07 am

    CFA Requirements - Essential Prerequisites To participate in the CFA Program as well as to enroll for your 1st CFA exam, you shall need to meet the following CFA requirements.

    1) You need to comprehend comprehensively the professional conducts as well as ethical behaviors under the CFA requirements set by the CFA Institute

    2) You must possess as least a bachelor degree or equivalent before you can sign up for the CFA examination. There are other few options to fulfill this particular CFA requirements. Firstly, you should have at least 4 years of professional and qualified work experience in related fields.

    Alternatively, you could be in your last year of your current degree studies. Or you could have a mixture of both college and work experience that adds up to 4 years and above. Please put into your mind that internships and part time jobs are not able to meet the CFA requirements above.

    3) Also take note if you register as a final year bachelor degree student, you are not permitted to sign up for the CFA Level 2 exam until you have obtain your degree to meet with the CFA requirements set by the CFA Institute. And when your degree is finally awarded to you, you need to inform the CFA Institute that your degree indeed has been certified.

    To be eligible for the CFA level 1 and CFA level 2, you need to pass the CFA Level 2 and CFA Level 3 first, respectively. This means that you are not authorized to take the CFA exams concurrently. If you failed the exam for one particular level, you need to re sit for it again before proceeding to the next level.

    4) From January 2011 onwards, you must possess a legitimate international passport before you can enroll for the CFA program. This is the most recent among all of the CFA requirements.

    CFA Requirements - Time Frame to Complete the CFA Course

    The determination and dedication to pursue the CFA designation certainly cannot be underestimated. In accordance to the CFA Institute, the following are some basic CFA requirements in terms of time frame that one need to invest to acquire the CFA designation:

    1) 4 years, on average, to finish the entire CFA program

    2) At least 6 months of groundwork and preparation for each of the 3 exams

    3) At least two hundred and fifty hours to be allocated for study time, which is about ten to fifteen hours per week.

    The CFA requirements are set specifically to equip students with specialized asset-management skills, such as investment analysis, portfolio management, investment strategies, portfolio management and asset allocation. No doubt, these specialized and complex skills were able to help individuals to as work their particular way up the corporate ladder.

    Due to the above strict CFA requirements, quite a number of candidates never achieve their goals to obtain the CFA designation. Some of them lack the required academic skills as well as do not spend enough time for studies due to their busy schedule. So you should always think twice about signing up for the CFA program if you really do not have the time for it.

    To get a much better understanding of the various careers that appeal to CFAs, please read the articles on this website. Keep in mind that when finding a job position, please ensure that the positions you are interested in pursuing should be the ones that you really like. If you can meet all of the above CFA requirements and interest in getting a good job the financial field, then you might want to consider signing up today.

    So if you want to look for more CFA Training and Financial Analyst Job Description, please proceed to the website. You will find all information related to the CFA Designation, from study materials to discovering the right career path!

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