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    Why The CFA Business Certification Is So Valuable For Personal Career Growth


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    Why The CFA Business Certification Is So Valuable For Personal Career Growth

    Bài gửi by Admin on Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:45 pm

    There is no shortage of financial related job applicants these days and that is something that will most likely not change for some time to come.

    When it comes to personal growth and career advancement keeping a skill set nice and sharp and a tool box full of important resources is crucial when it comes to how a business views an employee or possible new employee as a valuable company asset to help grow a business. A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is a self-study program that can give a person a significant advantage in the field when trying to grow their personal growth.

    Why is a CFA so important for personal career growth?

    Every where you turn these days corruption and greed increase the amount of risk that comes along with employees eager to create success for the organization they are part of. More and more companies are looking to not only hire those with a CFA certification but also promote from within the right candidates motivated to grow their resume. Investing in your career development shows any company you are serious about your ability to perform the task at hand that you have been given. Businesses like banks and government organizations are putting more importance on CFA certifications due to the high-risk nature of the business the industry has seen in recent years.

    Do I go online or offline for my CFA certification?

    When it comes to learning anything new these days online learning is the way to go. Offline courses require time & a great deal of energy at times where online learning allows you convenience and a pace of your own to finish the program you are seeking out.

    Advantages of studying your CFA online:

    Work at your own pace

    No classrooms
    No books to purchase
    Work at your own convenience
    Less time required for commitment
    Use your own equipment

    CFA certification industry growth statistics

    In 2011 210,000 people from 162 countries have taken or are registered to take the CFA exam
    43% percent of the 115,027 test-takers passed their exams
    Only 19% of all CFA charterholders are women
    Currently out of the 48,068 level 1 attempts only 38% percent have passed in 2011

    There is a growing demand for talent which shows a significant interest in not only growing their personal career but at the same time reducing the amount of risk that might present itself to an organization.

    Alex Raymond is the Founder and CEO of Vast Talent, a specialized provider of compliance and performance management systems in China.

    Vast Talent combines world-class products and international best practice with the local support and services that companies in China require. Vast Talent's solutions include software tools for compliance and performance management, a large library of online compliance, finance, safety and IT courses and tools for testing and assessment including CFA certification training.

    Vast Talent was founded in 2008 and has offices in Hong Kong and Beijing.

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